Version 0.9.1

THUMBO is a small tool to make thumbnails from your pictures and prepare them for uploading to the internet

The usage is easy. Type
./thumbo [folder-with-pictures]
on the commandline or drag&drop a folder on the program-exectutable.

Thumbo then creates a folder named "thumbo" in the folder you specified. The thumbo-folder contains a thumbnail-image for every JPEG-file. Thumbo also creates a file "index.html" in your folder.

To see the thumbnails, just double-click on the file "index.html" to open the thumbnails in your internet-browser. You can see the original picture by clicking on the thumbnail.

To put a folder with pictures to the internet, just process the folder with thumbo and upload the whole folder to your homepage (with an FTP-program like filezilla). To see the pictures, type the adress of your homepage together with the foldername.



(yes, this is just the plain, uncompressed executable for SGI/Irix)

To-do-list for version 1.0
- Support for other file-formats than JPEG
- Processing of EXIF-information (rotation)